Breslev Petek Taweez Knotted Cord

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Our latest in our, traditional Taweez styles. 

This Indian style amulet that is usually used to store notes, mantra or gem stones for good luck. 

Ours is filled with the Protective & Good Luck

Breslev Mantra:

Na Nah Nahma Nahman Me Ouman

נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן

The inscription in made  on Klaf (paper used for the Sefer Torah), and with the special ink (used for Sefer Torah & Mezzouzot also). 

All of the Breslev Peteks Mantras are written by a Sofer, checked one by one and secured in the Tapiz with layers of opaque protections. 

Each Tapiz is made in Brass plated with 18k Gold 3 microns, and 18k Gold Plated brass flower spacers and faceted 2mm Garnet on silk adjustable cord, with a genuine Garnet at the center of the Taweez.  

The necklace can be worn long 90cm to 1 meter or can be doubled to be worn shorter.