Gemini Emeralds & Moonstone RT Mazal Necklace

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It's made of 3mm genuine Emeralds and Moonstone.  

Emerald is the Birthstone of month of Sivan for the Mazal (sign) of the Gemini (Gémeaux). 


This stone helps clear the mind to better assess and understand situations. 

It's said to help enhance the development of the intelect. 

This stones gives you Strength but also protects you by weakening your enemies and ill intentioned people. 

Helps the wearer have more peaceful sleep and better dreams. 

For Geminis:

It helps stay grounded and centered in their action. They have a tendency to go to extremes emotionally, financially and in their decisions. 

Emerald is said to help to canalize these extreme tendancies. To keep them grounded and focus without taking away their creativeness and energy. 

It also helps them work on their impatience tendancies and make better though through decisions.  


This Necklace is a One of Kind Custom Piece.
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